Why Custom Gift Boxes are Great for Business

Why Custom Gift Boxes are Great for Business

Ask a majority of business owners and they will tell you that keeping enough customers to stay afloat can be difficult. In fact, more than half of all businesses fail during the first five years. You may have a fantastic product, but how you sell it determines if your company will survive the '5-year curse'.

By incorporating custom gift boxes into your business operations, you'll have a thriving business in no time, and here's why.

It Creates a Positive First Impression

You've probably heard the old, yet still extremely popular, adage, "the first impression is the last." The packaging of your goods serves as the initial impression clients get of your company. Customized packaging makes your brand appear credible and trustworthy to those who interact with it. It creates a positive first impression of your company, which bolsters the trust of your customers.

It’s a fact that people are more drawn to visually appealing product packaging than to traditional ones. A personalized gift box captures the viewer's attention and directs it to the focal area—that containing information about your business. As a result, more individuals become aware of your brand. In other words, this type of packaging raises brand awareness.

They Offer Product Safety

Custom printed boxes are not only attractive, but they also offer the added benefit of product safety. This allows you to store and transport them without worrying about damage while in transit. However, it is always best to buy custom gift boxes from a trusted provider like Supply Pack. The company makes sure the boxes you purchase are suitable for both your brand and your customers.


If you are just entering the market, regardless of the industry you are in, you’ll soon realize the benefits of using customized gift boxes. Expect to face some form of competition. However, with custom gift boxes, you quickly gain positive brand recognition. You can also get potential clients to identify you by your name.

The Maths Makes Sense

For a moment, let's discuss money and dive into a bit of math. Increasing your client retention rate by as low as 5% may raise your earnings by 25% - 95%. Furthermore, acquiring new clients is five times more expensive than retaining existing ones.

You probably know that personalized packaging is a simple method for increasing brand loyalty, which perhaps explains why it’s a wise decision from a mathematical sense. By including unique gift boxes into your marketing approach, you will be able to:

  • Provide a memorable purchasing experience (which will encourage repeat purchases).
  • Charge a higher price per product due to increased perceived value.
  • Incorporate the additional investment into your price structure.
  • Save money by maintaining existing clients instead of acquiring new ones.
  • Earn extra money and boost your bottom line.

They are a Great Way of Expressing Gratitude

J.C. Penney's once said something in the lines of "Courtesy will turn a client into a walking advertisement."

Nothing says "thank you" throughout the purchasing process like showing you care. With so many businesses trying to grab the attention of your clients, gratitude may be the deciding factor between them choosing your brand or that of the competition. You may not realize it, but customers notice the minutest details. It helps to pay attention to them.

Custom gift boxes demonstrate how much clients matter to the soul and heart of your company. Remember, your company would not be where it is without your loyal customers. So, take the time to create personalized gift boxes that show them that their decision to buy from you was the best one ever.

Custom Gift Boxes make you Look Much Cooler

Let's time travel to 1995. Every box looked the same, and every package brought to your doorstep had the same brown colour and size. None was distinguishable from the other.

While the cost of stock packaging may be minimal, it is a huge waste of precious ad space, resulting in a bland purchase experience. Today, 75% of buyers actually care about the package design, making custom gift boxes a requirement, not an option. Custom gift boxes: 

  • exceed the expectations of your clients and get them to make repeat purchases.
  • allow your items to stand out from the crowd.
  • encourage word-of-mouth marketing by making your consumers feel loved and cared for.

For your business to thrive, examine current market trends and adapt accordingly. Currently, custom gift boxes are in, and they are definitely here to stay.

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