Three Factors to Consider When Designing Custom Packaging

Three Factors to Consider When Designing Custom Packaging

YouTube and Instagram unboxing videos have shown us the power of packaging. The customer experience starts when they have your unopened product in their hands, anticipating the treasures that lie within. Our job at SDGC is to heighten that experience with custom packaging tailored to your product, your company and your target customer. 

There are three factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the right custom box for your product:

1) Product Logistics

Is it breakable? How big is it? What are your shipping methods? Is insulation required? Are the materials durable? Are they eco-friendly? Based on what your product is and what your fulfillment logistics are, our team will create a prototype that fits all your needs within your given budget. Each product is unique and has different practicalities with regards to packaging. With over 1,500 product boxes under our belt and literally thousands of options we can help you build the perfect packaging solution that is functional and aesthetically on point.

2) Your Customer

What is your target demographic? Who is buying your product and how? With so much shopping happening online, retailers have to control their brand experience outside of brick and mortar. The artwork and aesthetics of your packaging are essential to create the desired customer experience at home. Our design process takes your product logistics and combines it with creative innovation to give your customer an experience tailored just for them. 

3) Your Company

With all the customer and logistical considerations, we can’t lose sight of your company brand. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a large enterprise, or a local boutique, your brand has to stand out. What’s your story? How do people recognize your brand? Reinforcing your story through packaging is our job, and we will work with you to bring that story to life. Our team will give you packaging that not only fits your practical needs, but we’ll provide a solution that elevates your brand.

When it comes to custom packaging, it is easy to get it terribly wrong and hard to get it right. Instead of pouring a lot of money and time down the drain on perfecting the final product through multiple iterations, let our experienced team at SDGC provide you with the innovative solutions you need to create the perfect packaging for your products, regardless of whether it’s your first custom package order or your 50th. 

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