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Why the unboxing experience is crucial for any business in 2022

Why the unboxing experience is crucial for any business in 2022

Receiving a gift is a wonderful thing. But how it is packaged by the time it reaches a customer is even more critical. It’s not just about receiving a great gift. It’s the entire experience of unpacking and finally holding it in your hands. Below are a few reasons an immersive unboxing experience is crucial for businesses in 2022.

It’s an Essential Ecommerce Marketing Tool

For the longest time, unboxing has been associated with seasonal events like Christmas. Today, however, it’s a highly effective eCommerce marketing tool. Granted, a gift should be practical or hold some sort of value to a client. But you should not stop there; the unboxing experience should leave a lasting impression on the customer. They shouldn’t just remember the product. They should also remember how thoughtfully packaged it was.

Imagine how a customer feels when they receive your gift. Do they just give the package one look and set it aside for later? Or do their eyes glow in anticipation as they behold the exquisite packaging the gift is wrapped in?

The packaging is as important as the product

For a product to stand out in the eyes and minds of customers, the packaging and presentation have to be top-notch.

Unboxing should not just be a practical way of delivering a gift to a client. It should be an immersive experience that stays with them long after the gift is dispensed with. Seek to impress them from the moment they lay their eyes on the package, to opening it and taking out the gift.

Viral Unboxing Videos Significantly Boost Sales

YouTube is awash with unboxing videos and pictures of people opening different types of products. Some of these videos and pictures are shared on social media, giving the brand a further marketing reach. 

Unboxing has become a genre, attracting a cult following on platforms such as YouTube. Here, you will find entire channels with a massive following dedicated to unboxing experiences. 

Besides the thrill of watching others “take risks”, people view unboxing videos because they are interested in the product. Unboxing appeals to the fundamental customer needs that businesses must meet to foster an unforgettable customer experience. It takes your brand beyond the reach of the initial customer, making it an excellent marketing strategy for your product.

Rightly executed, the unboxing experience is an excellent way to make a product stand out. This further extends your brand. Think about it. If you ordered two items online and one came in a generic box, while the other arrives in a well-designed sophisticated packaging, which one will make you feel valued? The one thoughtfully designed, obviously.

Clients love a story well-told

The unboxing experience is a perfect opportunity to express yourself. Your narrative is critical as it gives customers the incentive to do business with you instead of the competition. It is all about evoking the right emotions as much as it is about the gift. Simply extolling your product's great attributes is not enough. What makes it intriguing is the narrative behind it. This is what gives customers a reason to care. Anyone can tell a story, but not everyone can weave a great story around a product. A great story should answer the following questions:

  • How did the brand get to where it is now?
  • What are you aiming to become?
  • What makes you stand out from the competition?
  • What can you guarantee your clients?

Revamping your unboxing experience impacts your brand narrative. Rather than just bombarding customers with decorative words, give them actual proof.

Since the client has already spent on the item, anything else you add to the package will fall into the value-added category. The customer will feel valued, causing them to trust your brand even more.

It fosters lasting bonds

From an economic standpoint, long-term client connections are more beneficial than investing resources to attract prospects from scratch. Forming these alliances isn't as simple as it sounds, especially since brand loyalty isn't just a matter of how good a product is.

With the cut-throat competition in the retail sector, there are a dozen brands with as many 'great' products as yours. To keep clients coming back, add a "wow factor" to your product and stay ahead of the competition. A great way of doing this is to provide them with a unique unboxing experience.

Influencers are Using Unboxing to Market Products

Influencers have become an essential marketing tool. Consumers are getting increasingly skeptical about ineffective, conventional advertising strategies.

Influencers embody the modern version of the good old “word of mouth”, which is still the most effective marketing strategy. The reason getting influencers to unbox your product is an effective strategy is that they are usually just regular individuals who use the foundation of trust and strong relationships to grow their following. One way of leveraging influencers is to send them your uniquely-packaged item and get them to document and share the unboxing experience on their social media profiles.

Granted, the initial cost of creating a unique unboxing experience can be high. But when you consider that it opens the door to a virtually limitless audience, you will find a justification for the expense. In any case, social media has made unboxing an affordable and cost-effective practice.

Unboxing offers a great chance to sell your brand and, at the same time, create a pleasant customer experience. Providing customers with an immersive Unboxing process is an excellent way of extending the reach of your brand, and rope in more sales.