5 Reasons Why Clients Love Gift Boxes


A gift should excite and wow the receiver. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive on the shelves. We all agree: it’s the thought that counts. However, expressing this thought in a creatively branded and customized gift box is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Today, most businesses understand the importance of corporate gifting. To make yours stand out from the sea of similar gifts, get creative with gift boxes. You may not be able to add value, for instance, to a bottle of wine, but you can package it in an exquisitely branded gift box that will set you apart from the competition. It’s not just the gift that counts, it's how you package and present it to your clients, and their experience while unboxing it. Below are five reasons your clients love gift boxes.

1. A Gift Box Says You Care

A gift box tells a client one thing: you put a lot of thought and effort in not only the gift but their experience with it from the moment they receive it. It tells them that your business cares about them enough to use appropriate personalized and elegantly branded gift boxes.

Your gift should connect with the client and keep them doing business with you. A customized gift box with your brand on it is a perfect way of connecting with them.

A gift box that evokes the right emotions in a consumer creates a personalized segment in their minds where precious memories are stored. As a result, they will view your company “differently”, and this could be just what your brand needs to stand out. This is how brand loyalty is cultivated. It is what sets your corporate gift apart from the rest.

2. A Gift Box Says You Are Credible

Nothing is as off-putting as an elegant gift packaged in a crumpled, messily branded box. Besides choosing a quality gift for your client, how you package it is equally important. A cheap-looking gift box affects the overall credibility of the gift. It also cheapens your brand and compromises your company's credibility.

The current pandemic makes gifting clients in person almost impossible. Fortunately, a gift box can play a critical role in communicating your brand’s value to clients without losing the personal touch. It is this latter attribute of gift boxes that makes your brand stand out.

3. A Gift Box Keeps on Giving

Imagine a gift that keeps giving. That’s what a creatively designed gift box is. Long after the gift has been expended, a client should want to keep the box it came wrapped in. And the great thing is, the longer they keep the box, the longer your brand stays with them.

You can take things a notch higher and include add-ons such as a QR code, which leads to another surprise gift. Or perhaps you can bundle complementary red packets or discount vouchers to be redeemed with the next purchase. While these extras may not seem like much right now, clients really love them. They lift the value of your gift to an entirely new level.

People love it when they receive gifts from businesses or organizations they do business with. You can add more value to their experience by ensuring those gifts come packaged in creatively designed gift boxes.

4. Gift Boxes Can Be Reused or Repurposed

A gift box should outlive the gift itself. Depending on the type of material used, clients can reuse the boxes for various purposes. They can use them to store jewellery, photos, mementos, or coins.

The unique designs that gift boxes are famous for makes them highly versatile. Besides functionality in terms of potential reuse, they can entice a client to store their keepsakes in it. Imagine your brand featuring prominently in a box holding their closest and most treasured souvenirs!

5. Leaves Clients with a Sense of Belonging

Generally, when someone receives a gift, it’s from someone who cares about them. In fact, the first message a client gets upon receiving your gift is: “I care.” If you take time to send the gift in a box that not only features your brand but one that’s also exquisitely designed with their name on it, they will feel more connected and valued by your brand. The message you would be sending them is that they are not just valuable clients but that you care enough to go the extra mile, just like you would for a member of your family. If your gift boxes can evoke this kind of emotion from clients, you have yourself some diehard repeat customers.

Gifting isn’t just about receiving the latest tablet or the most expensive bottle of champagne money can buy. It’s an immersive experience that starts from the time you receive the gift. The unboxing process is itself an art that should excite and wow as much as the gift itself. In fact, numerous unboxing videos on YouTube devote themselves to the art of unwrapping gifts. 

Get in touch with us for high-quality, customized and branded gift boxes that are guaranteed to give your clients a memorable, immersive unboxing experience.

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